What am I doing?

Computer Science

I am back in graduate school. I believe I will learn something and also hope to contribute to the field of Computer Science. For anyone that doesn't quite understand Computer Science, there are two videos I recommend watching below. The first is the Map of Mathematics, then second, the Map of Computer Science. Computer Science was birthed from Mathematics, and they are closely interrelated, as with Engineering.

Many believe Computer Science is programming a computer or is Information Technology (IT), and this is wrong. Computer Science is about solving problems computationally. Computer Scientists solve problems using all types of calculation methods.

Computer Science is a vast subject full of problems for anyone to solve. Computer Science uses Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Languages, and many other tools and discoveries made over the centuries.

Hopefully this will help explain the field. When someone asks me the question, "What is Computer Science?", or asks, "Isn't it just programming a computer?", I will point them here. It is far more than programming.

2016 Election


Go Trump! I am supporting Donald Trump for President. I have never voted for a Republican or Democrat. In the past 8 years, I have watched Barack Obama literally destroy the Software Industry in the United States. He bowed to the billionaires of Google, Microsoft and Facebook. He flooded the US Market with H1B Visa holders to take jobs that should have gone to U.S. Citizens, then ontop of that, Democrats destroyed our healthcare system. Trump will be President, watch!

It is a Start!


I am still working on getting my website up. It has taken a little longer than I wanted. I'll get it finished in the next couple of weeks.

I won't track you, spy on you or attempt to perform unethical social experiments on you. I don't think people realize the privacy issues surrounding social media. My recommendation is to delete your Facebook account as soon as possible.

A positive for maintaining your own website is that you get to think about about what you post before you publish it. Social media allows us to post things that we might regret.